Monday, August 15, 2011

Food Confessions

Tomorrow's aspiration
Today was what I would call a  bad eating day ... you know, the kind of day when anything within reach that is loaded with sugar, fat, carbs, salt and preservatives found its way into my mouth. I was rushed this morning and left without my lunch ... so that meant a whole grain blueberry muffin at the Tim Hortons drive through. My cure for droopy eyelids is always fuel so at lunch I went out for an egg salad sandwich - and came back with a mess of french fries (and the sandwich). Fries sit like a rock in my stomach so I wasn't hungry at dinner. So I skipped the main course and had chocolate cake for dessert AND (gotta love this) Skinny Cow caramel swirl ice cream.

So as I finish this tidy little bowl of unsalted peanuts and water, I feel absolutely gross. I've hit my gastric rock bottom, so much so that a coffee colonic sounds like a treat! They say it is always darkest before the dawn, and I am in a pretty dark nutritional place. So tomorrow is a new day, and I will cringe at the sight of anything that is not a fruit or vegetable. I absolve myself from my dietary missteps and I am sure I will do the penance I deserve. And I will start anew, tomorrow.


  1. oh you do have my sympathy, i have been there also. i love though that everyday is a new chance to get it right.
    your plate looks yummy!

  2. u didnt have a bad day ! eat healthy, stay healthy !

  3. I find that I have two kinds of food days: Carb days, and good days. Carb days are spent munching on bread and potato products, and they usually involve copious amounts of pasta. Good days contain nothing but fresh fruit and veggies, and maybe a little yogurt thrown in there around breakfast time. There are usually an equal number of each kind of food day per month.

    I have terrible eating habits.


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