Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Than Half the Fun

Just returned from another wonderful weekend at the cottage. It was one of the rare trips that didn't include Fritz (our incorrigible miniature schnauzer), so hubby and I had lots of time to get some things done that are just easier to do without the distraction of a hyper-charged, curious yapping fur ball. Yes, I really do love him. 

We alternated dips in the lake with trimming slashing the deciduous overgrowth and puttering with tools. Hubby built a ramp to bridge the swamp to the bunkie and I made like a crazy woman yielding a rusted "vintage" pair of garden shears, wildly snipping at anything that dangled my way. It was exhilarating enough to release me of any embarrassment despite the odd look I was tossed by a fellow cottager walking by with her dog. I am not sure of the object of her disdain ... my baggy cargo pants tucked into my rubber boots, or my over-sized safari shirt that covered everything leading into the large suede work gloves. Or maybe it was the fact that it was almost 30 degrees Celsius out and I was a mite overdressed to combat the horse fly-fest.

When I worked myself purple (if only I could really sweat) I tore off the copious layers of clothing, pulled on my bathing suit and tore down to the lake for a plunge. Hubby's family have deep roots on the lake and several uncles/cousins have cottages across the way from us. The one sure way to attract the relatives is to put on a two piece bathing suit. I can sit for hours in my modest one-piece but the moment I don the two-piece (easier to bathe in the lake in) we get company. And it isn't a pretty sight for anyone! [Note to self to wear more clothing.]

Hubby and I had hours to rebuild our cottage from the comfort of our deck chairs, and dream up endless possibilities for the future of our little slice of heaven. We finally decided on a name for the cottage: Falconridge. The overriding characteristic of our cottage experience is the  presence of our beloved falcons. We love them even more since they moved to the property next door and aren't constantly swooping us. So Falconridge it is!

As hubby and I continued our cottage reno dreamfest in the car ride home, it occurred once again to me that dreaming is more than half the fun of doing -- and alot less expensive.


  1. It's so true about the dreaming part of the renovations, J and I have discovered that many, many times over the years! I love the name Falconridge. Your weekend sounds amazing.

  2. Purrrrrrfect name for your purrrrrrfect retreat ...

  3. that's great! it sounds like you got a lot done, and dreaming counts too! love the name, fits nicely.

    i had to laugh, i have one of those dogs also. we often leave him behind (compromise) because i am finally at the stage where not taking care of anyone besides me is pretty awesome. (remember, the puppy was daughter and husbands idea).

  4. Hi Lyn, I have spent some time catching up on your blog, and I just love the lake cottage, and your lovely photos of it. I knew there was a heatwave, but to see the 40 degree temps was amazing! Sounds like our typical summers over here. Dream on!!


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