Friday, August 12, 2011

Tarnish and Brilliance

It is tarnished, this dollar-sized silver pendant, but the turquoise manages to defy the time inflected camouflage. It is special because it was yours; I was with you when we bought souvenirs to remember our trip to Mexico. When I hold it in my hand and tightly wrap my fingers around it, I can feel your energy; it pulls you close ... or at least your memory. I hesitate to clean the protective film of tarnish and expose the brilliance.

I love change; in fact I embrace it. However there are just some things that I like to preserve and wish to remain the same. My memories are like that; history - not so much. I miss you and when I touch something that you touched, or read a book I know you held in your hands,  I can pull you close and for a brief flicker of time, forget that you went on ahead.

So back the pendant goes into the treasure box with the rest of my mementos; there will be another time for remembering. And maybe I'll even clean it and wear it from time to time.

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