Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Times are a'Changing

Change is in the air. The days are getting shorter and now when I leave for work in the morning, it is barely daylight; a reminder of the impending end of summer as if the back to school ads weren't enough. Kidlet is gearing up for her second year of university. The reappearance of her hockey equipment is signalling her decision to try out for the varsity team. She has missed the game I admit that I have too so if her tryouts are successful and her shoulder holds out then her roomies will have the pleasure of her omnipresent hockey bag in various degrees of stench being stowed in the utility room. And I will pass the along the Fabreez to her worthy mates.

Harmony is in the throes of shifting creative directions in her career and my oldest daughter is finding new roommates. To add to the change mix my organization is in flux as well - thank you Mr. Harper. Oh well,  fall seems to bring about change and I have learned its better to embrace than avoid.

I started back to the gym this week after months of being MIA just like my waistline.  I figure it's better to spend lunch hours getting exercise rather than overeating or spending money. And it's part of my effort to keep a promise to myself for better work / life balance and good health.

I've missed our little cabin up north so I am looking forward to the upcoming weekend - our last summer hurrah at the cottage. Hope Harmony caught the rogue mouse that was roaming around. It's been two weeks so I know I will notice lots of changes - maybe even some partially clad trees and such. 

Politically there has been some chatter about our left wing and moderately left parties merging to conquer our conservative government. I think it makes sense, but then again I lean to the left and anything that will create a strong opposition to the destruction path our leader is taking the country down is good in my books.

Change is in the air. I can smell it.

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