Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Travelling Girl

I love Canada! I boarded my baby plane (thankfully had a bathroom but no sink ... alcohol based sanitizer if you were wondering) and headed east for work. The colours were magnificent and because we were flying in a plane that travels close to the ground, I got a bird's eye view of the spectacular foliage in eastern Canada. I have been in every province and territory in Canada with the exception of the Yukon (am saving that one for Harmony) and I have never lost my awe for the rugged beauty of this wondrous land.  I get giddy as soon as I hit the airport cause that means I am going somewhere! Today was no exception.

I people-watched intently as I waited for my flight and pretended not to eavesdrop as I witnessed the unraveling, converging and unfolding of lives. Intriguing. Technology ruled the departure lounge of course but I couldn't help noticing the elderly couple across from me - her with her Kindle and he with his tablet and me with my stealth little camera.
The cab ride was a treat. In the 15 minute chat I learned more about the local woes, best spots to check out and the pride my driver has for his community. Cab rides are like that ... wisdom imparted to a visiting guest that seems to set the tone for the duration. I arrived an hour before sunset so I had time to troll the streets and get the lay of the land ... the nearest Cora's for breakfast; a handy little noodle hut and the venue where I will be working. In the offchance you are interested, I shared some pics of this quaint autumnal town and resisted the urge to  photograph food. Did I tell you how much I love my beautiful grand country?


  1. I love the photos that you managed to upload! People-watching is so very much a hobby of mine, too. I absolutely love it...

  2. Sorry about the technical difficulties! Hope you can post the pics soon.

  3. i have to agree, canada is gorgeous and i love to travel too. hope it was a great success. :)

  4. Hoping this finds you home safe and sound... BTW: are you missing some sunglasses??

  5. Amazing pic's! Thanks for the share! Oh, and I approve of the airplane! :^D


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