Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Brief

The little numbers in the corner of my laptop tell me that it is October 2nd. Hard for me to believe ... September seemed to slip through my fingers and now we are into October. With my calendar already blotched with appointments and commitments I can see that this month too will fly by; be over before I know it.

There have been reminders of the new season being ushered in. The trees are in various states of undress and colour and this weekend was cold (6 degrees Celsius) and rainy. If I were a bear I would be heading for my cave to hibernate. Instead I crawled the mall (purposefully), went to a movie with hubby, did the laundry, got reacquainted with my iron, baked a cake, made potato leek soup, and started (but didn't come close to finishing) reorganizing our basement and spare room (AKA my personal space). Have you ever over-zealously tackled a reorganizing project, gotten sidetracked by reading every greeting card,  pouring over old photos and ended with a pile in middle of the floor harder on the eyes than the original travesty - just as you run out of steam. Get the picture? There is lots more to do know but I admit that I enjoyed the leisurely reminiscing. I just have to get better at letting go of mementos, keepsakes and STUFF in general.

Suffice to say the house is in worse shape than when I started and there are miles to go before I sleep (or before the Thanksgiving famjam). But the weekend ended on a high note with an impromptu turkey dinner at my Dad and Step-Mom's place.

Shopping. Sloppy. Spontaneous. Familial. That was my weekend in a nutshell.  Now I am going to crank our heat up just a notch or two so I won't see my breath.

Hope yours was good where ever you are, and whatever season you are enjoying!


  1. The trees are shedding their leaves over here too, but it's still so hot! Shorts and sandals weather is still going strong. It's a little hard to believe it's already October.

    Your weekend sounds great. I can't organize anything quickly either; I'm a total packrat and sentimental about nearly everything.

  2. Ya dont mention I came home.
    I'm not a highlight or anything jeez!


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