Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Women Power

I don't fancy myself a particularly "girly" girl woman. I never have been. I spent my teen years in Greb work boots and denim overalls and usually opted for the shirt and tie for school band performances. I played a baritone (smaller version of a tuba) and sat in the back with the mostly male brass section. I felt most comfortable in my well worn blue jeans and soft flannel shirt with the ground firm beneath my feet.

These days I dress for the office but my off duty style hasn't evolved. My love for my blue jeans and comfortable footwear remains intact and I am most happy in my hubby's flannel.

My notion about what is feminine has never been connected to my appearance. I was surrounded by strong women - mother, grandmother and sisters and raised three independent young women. I have been immersed in the feminine my whole life; I have felt my most feminine when:

  • I have felt my power surging through my veins, driving me to ask for promotions or challenging me to right a wrong.
  • I felt my babies move inside me.
  • only my hugs and tender loving care could comfort my sick baby.
  • I wiped the brow of my ailing mother.
  • I stood side-by-side with a man whose love for me is as great as mine for him
  • I could support myself and my family.
  • my strength was tested and I learned just how resilient I am.
Loving myself and becoming the best version of myself makes me feel good - thus look good, although these days the "power surges" I experience have more to do with age than anything else. Peace and contentment radiate as authentic beauty that cannot be manufactured. What makes women feel feminine is as diverse as the women themselves; as for me, femininity has been a state of mind that has more to do with my sense of self and little to do with the height of my heels, the cut of my blouse or the shape of my brows. We women are blessed with an unique energy and essence that offers unlimited possibilities, if we can learn to access it.

And that is why my girls and I used to start our day with arms raised bellowing chanting "WOMEN POWER".

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  1. Fantastic! I love this post.I feel very much the same way about the notion of femininity...


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