Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Harmony's Gifts

I can remember exactly what I was doing 27 years ago. Birthdays are like that ... especially when it comes to those of my daughters. Today my second born is celebrating her birthday and I can't help but reflect on and celebrate her life. From a feisty, creative, unique child has emerged a self assured, theatrical, unique woman who lives an artful life.

Things I love about Harmony
  • she was a feisty womb kicker and managed to crack my ribs foreshadowing her spirit
  • she has been known to buy her clothes by the pound ultimate recycler
  • she has cut her own hair for years and that takes some kind of confidence
  • she makes the most heartfelt cards and gifts - the kind you keep forever
  • she is "family sentimental" and cherishes heirlooms and traditions, even the ones that aren't pretty
  • she willingly tagged along with me whenever I asked her to - and even when I didn't
  • she is a petite package of strength and steel just like her grandmother
  • she is able to live a full, rich life on very little
  • she was unplanned but just what I needed
  • she loves her sisters, and they, her
Happy birthday Harmony. My world is brighter with you in it.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! It's so precious, the bond you two share.

    sending lots of love your way. one love, always

  2. happy birthday to your sweet girl and to you too mama. that's such a nice photo of you both in your previous post.


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