Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bake Off

I took a Betty Crocker moment for myself and decided to squeeze in some last minute Christmas baking. If there was a prize for good intention then I would get the BIG one; but unfortunately the end products wouldn't earn more than a "completed" grade. It was all half baked .... I had to use the last remnants of the cake flour mixed with some whole wheat (didn't find the 5 pound bag of all purpose flour in the storeroom until AFTER I finished baking); the shortening shortfall had to be supplemented with butter; the rock hard sugar had to be pounded back into granules and I only had two thirds of the molasses I needed.

The result of my valiant efforts: 16 cranberry/currant scones, 2 dozen ginger cookies that you could break a tooth on and one big flour dusted, molasses mired, sticky mess to clean up! Hubby has directed me not to toss my cookies as he plans to eat them,

The upside: the house is filled with the heavenly scent of ginger, cloves and cinnamon -- and it almost completely masks the residual skunk odour. Now the happy baker is off to bed.

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