Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blogging and Birthday Milestones

Today is a day of milestones. How fitting that my 800th blog post land on the birthday of my beloved mother-in-law MIH. I always say that she was the bonus when I married my husband. So today, on her birthday I want to celebrate her life in the best way I know how.

You are a firecracker loaded with infinite energy, determination and good intentions. You love your family - especially your kids and mom - as fiercely as a mama bear protects her cubs.
For you the glass is always half full; attitude towards life is yours to choose - even though the circumstances may not be; and answers and solutions must be pursued relentlessly. You never say never and you never give up.
You choose light over darkness and spend much of your waking hours spreading the light to everyone you meet. You work hard at being happy and creating moments of happy for others. You delight in delighting. You are generous in all ways possible - materially, spiritually and emotionally. Your inner child is intact and ever-present and you wear it  like a cloak of youth. You favour over-the-top, wacky, joyful and full technicolor over the mundane. You are most comfortable in towering heels and  you love bling, sparkle and shine. And maybe that is how I can best describe you. Because my dear MIH, you light up my life with your pizzazz, devotion and most importantly, your love and unconditional support. You are someone who deserves to be surprised, delighted and loved.

So today on your special day, I celebrate the woman you are and the blessing you are in my life. In you I have found a soul sister.


  1. What a tribute! Happy Birthday, MIH!

  2. My dearest DIH,
    And just when I thought the emotional rollercoaster was levelling out (after our War Horse birthday movie experience yesterday) - you hit me with this ever-so-touching blog. I wish I was all that you think I am... I am EVER so thankful to have YOU in my life - YOU ARE MY SPECIAL 'ONE IN A MILLION'!

  3. Lyn..what a Trubute to my Aunt Shirley!
    All True.. WOW!
    Have a Happy New Year!
    Love Debbie Santos xo


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