Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Change Up

Bogged down by the weight of
to give
what is not needed
nor for which there is
Spending money we
don't have.
Excess is riddling holes
in my Christmas spirit;
noise of consumerism is
drowning out the
peace and magic of
Christmas as I remember
and still desire.

Christmas of old was
family time
hard Christmas candy
excitement, and
Gifts were what you wanted to give
No gift cards, cash, gift receipts.
You smiled and said thank you.
Simple and thoughtful
have given way to
A single gift is not
It has to look like more.

When did it get so complicated?
I yearn to hear
silent nights
feel peace and joy
see people smiling as they
move around the
Christmas season.
I wish I could
time in the mall with time
baking love into
season's treats
hand writing notes and
sharing time with loved ones.

Bogged down by the fatigue of
too little time
to do it all in
four weeks.
Pressure is riddling holes
in my Christmas spirit.
I've outgrown
this version of
Something has to give.

I vote for
making the gifts
we give be
time together
love exchanged and
My version of
Christmas has
time not pressure;
relaxation not fatigue;
peace not stress; and
memory making

A change is going to come.

PS The tree is up and I think I saw Christmas past hiding underneath it!

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  1. Hi Lyn,
    I so agree with your post!! I love this season and refuse to stress over it. Good for you!


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