Saturday, December 10, 2011


The Christmas cactus doesn't lie! The lush fuchsia blooms signal the arrival of the festive season and my ginormous cactus is loaded with them, that is until Fritz gets snacking.

I mall hopped for the entire day and returned home loaded down with 85% of my shopping complete; a  far more successful attempt than last Saturday's shopping horror. I am officially defunked and swaddled in Christmas spirit  not a Scrooge in sight.

My next task will be to sew those nifty tea towels I bought into green gift bags; there will be no mountain of wasteful paper gift wrap at my place! I haven't bought wrapping paper in four years now and the challenge of finding creative ways to wrap is half the fun; needless to say I have found new uses for safety pins and produce bags.

It is shaping up to be another memorable holiday season with lots of reunions, famjams, dinners, teas, and of course, holiday sweaters.  : )  The pieces are all in place - I have people to love who love me back, my father is on the mend and I live in abundance. Except in the sleep department, which is why I am off to bed ...


  1. I too welcome the wondrous beauty of nature and the festive season! "Signals" are showing on my 'baby catcus' as well. No dog chewing on my end, tho - thank goodness! Tis the Season!

  2. Good for you you have most of your Christmas shopping done! The malls are already, can't think how insane they will be in the next two weeks!


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