Friday, December 9, 2011

Well With My World

Today was all about getting inside stuff done. It was my day off and my car is still in the shop so it was a guilt-free day of puttering. I had lots of online shopping and laundry to do so I got a head start on the weekend. Fritz and I sang Christmas songs with wild abandon; I stayed in my  hubby's t-shirt and sweat pants until 3 pm and nothing could dampen my spirit -- not even the call from the car dealership about the cost of my "leak" repair. My hair was a little wild and my face scrubbed 51 - and I momentarily worried that I would look like h@ll if Distributors Clearinghouse showed up to award me a big prize or something. It was only a fleeting thought.

Life is good. My dad was sprung from the hospital today after two full weeks. When I spoke to him tonight it was evident that home will take some adjustment and he will have to make a conscious effort to rest. A little shaky but happy sounding, his voice was music to my ears.

Tomorrow I tackle the mall yet again and hopefully I will find treasures to buy for my loved ones  (with love in my heart) and put a wrap on the gift end of Christmas. Next step: I will be dusting off my rolling pin and greasing up my cookie cutters. mmmm the best of Christmas is yet to come.

So happy me will sleep soundly tonight -- cause all is well with my world tonight.

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