Monday, January 23, 2012

All Better!

huh um *clears throat* I'm back! After a three day horizontal holiday (cable tv is the pits by the way), burning through boxes of lotion-treated Kleenex (I'm worth it) and slurping enough cups of tea to float a boat - I am here to celebrate the virtues of NyQuil! I dispensed of my nasty ailment just in time to go to work today. I started off slowly but as the hours wore on, my cold wore off.

So I am back, better than ever. Just thought you'd want to know.  : )

And I am going to China. Did I mention that?

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  1. Lyn..Your blogs tell it all. You are on a travel high and I don't blame you for your happiness. We don't envy , only wish we could be along to have the experience. We also know that we will be kept up to date with the blogs, pics and word pictures.


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