Saturday, January 7, 2012


I am overly sufficiently sufficed with full of two plates of Chinese food tucked nicely into my food belly and I may be seeking a few TUMS in a minute, but it's been a good day.

We gathered a few days late to celebrate my Pops 75th birthday. I was wondering if it was going to be a major waterworks event, however it was just nicely sentimental. This was the birthday my dad asked for; he took control and organized the celebration to his liking: Chinese food; no gifts and no fuss. After my sister SKYPED in and we had our fill of cake he asked everyone into the livingroom. With kids sprawled out on the floor nursing their food bellies he proceeded to dish out special mementos to each of us: the metal insignia off of our Cadillac; his daybook of inspiring quotations; jewelry carved by his Inuit friends; pucks from his past hockey life .... you get the idea. It was fun to listen as he told the story of each item and watch everyone open their loot bag.

Then he ran a quiz of 10 questions about him and his family  -- and awarded a coin as a prize. The kids joked that they would have to study before the next famjam.

I think he enjoyed his birthday. We always feel the void when we are missing some of our precious family members ... but all in all, I think he could feel the love and admiration in the room. He ushered in 75 by giving a little -- no -- alot -- to each one of us. Happy birthday ... and pass the TUMS!
Mama T presenting the cake

Sis and her hubby SKYPED in

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