Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Dismantled

After a green Christmas, winter arrived with a vengeance. Last night the howling of the wind and the rhythmic tapping of tree branches on the roof lulled me to sleep. I awoke to a gray, dismal, cold winter's day - only a dusting of snow but bitter winds. What a perfect day to hibernate and dismantle Christmas. Undecorating is my least favourite thing to do, however my favourite music coming from my new Christmas Zune made it slightly more enjoyable.

Hubby and I bundled up and took Fritz for a walk ...

The last few ornaments were packed up and the tree went away for another year. As I tucked away the last piece of garland and folded the corner of  the box to seal it, I whispered silently, until next year. When next they are unpacked, how will our world have changed?

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