Friday, January 6, 2012

Hot and Bothered

Eyelids droop, fatigue sets in yet I am compelled to write.

My new fleece PJ's are conspiring with my power surges and wreaking havoc ... These days the power surges are coming fast and furious sometimes with only 15 minutes respite between. The heat onsets quickly without warning - firey heat blazing up my back. The clothes come off as quickly as I can unbutton, unravel and unzip. If my skin had a zipper, I'd remove that too. Hubby is getting used to the sight of me in various states of undress [wrinkles nose and looks quizzical] but somehow the hot flash factor is devoid of sexy. It's a throw back to the days when I was pregnant and my undershirt worthy boobs blossomed to enormous  and sore - and I invoked the look but don't touch rule.

Sleep is difficult with the "surge, remove, flash, freeze and pull on" cycle repeating continuously throughout the night. Hubby's sleep is no doubt being affected but it's the dog that I worry about. Kidding ... Brings new meaning to being "hot and bothered".

I imagine I sound like quite a whiner but really -- it's not a huge deal. In fact I have a theory that I am riding the tail end of this man-oh-pause thing and that it is going out with a bang.  As always, I am doing my best to enjoy this phase of my life.  I think I am starting to understand the "pause" part.

And so tonight, I had the urge to pause and reflect upon my day, my fleece PJs and my surges and flashes. Life is good.

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