Sunday, January 29, 2012

Unexpected Surprise

It seems the seasons are as fickle as I am ... balmy and rainy one day - freezing and snowy the next. Winter can't commit! On one hand I enjoy the unpredictability of it all ... writing hearts and happy faces in the snow on my hubby's windshield and sporting my puffy sub-zero tolerant down coat one day - and the next - splashing in springlike misty rain. On the other hand, I worry about the effects of global warming and how different winters in Canada are now from those of my childhood. The frigid used to set in by November and last straight through March - with no reprieve. Not so anymore.

There is lots going on in my life right now - I'm changing gears as quickly as the weather. Hubby and I landed an extraordinary opportunity to go to China and so I am brushing up on my Mandarin, arranging our visas (which ask if I have suffered any mental issues???) and planning our adventure. Hubby and I had just been discussing how it had been a long time since we had been on an adventure together and with our cottage sucking a big chunk of our funds, it wasn't looking like that was going to change any time soon. But just when you can't see possibility on the horizon -- opportunity comes knocking and your dreams materialize from wishes to reality. F A I T H   It's always worked that way for me. I've been fortunate and it has made me a fearless dreamer.

China wasn't on my bucket list but it landed in our lap. China must have something to teach me, so we will go with open hearts and minds and be grateful for this unexpected gift.  

I hope where ever you are, what ever stage of your life that you are in, that you dare to dream, and then walk boldly towards them. 

Now -- the hardest decision -- will it be a rain trench or down fill coat for tomorrow?


  1. Wow. So many reasons why I loved this post. But I'm sure you might know why. There are words you use that bring to life so many metaphors and I just cling onto them so tight. I love to read your stuff.
    Now, on to China. Holy moly! That's awesome. I love that you're taking this with the best, and most open, mind. I'm sure there are things for you to learn and add your humongous plate of knowledge. What an adventure y'all are going to have! I can't wait for the pictures. :)

  2. Thanks for your kind words Roni. "Holy Moly" -- haven't heard that in a while. : )

    Been loving your stylish outfit pics. Thanks for dropping by. Lyn


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