Monday, February 27, 2012

Breathing and Breath-taking

The sun as it appears through the veil of smog - couldn't see across the highway
We have been here in China for eight days now - and we haven't seen the sun, or should I say we haven't had sunshine nor have we seen the sky beyond the thick gauze of smog. Today was the worst - we could barely see across the road. It is almost unfathomable to realize people are actually breathing these toxins in on a regular basis. But it is taking its toll on me. My chest is really hurting and the sneezing is increasing. I can actually taste the air in the back of my throat. When I examine the photos that I shot today, they almost look like black and white; devoid of colour. The leaves on the plants look gray, covered in a layer of pollutants.

On a happier note, hubby and I went to the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum. Actually it is a series of three pits that, in 1974, farmers discovered this incredible archaeological gem of gargantuan magnitude and importance. There are almost 8,000 life sized warriors and horses constructed from clay dating back to the 3rd century BC. And the moment you walk into the football stadium sized building that covers the "dig" you are awestruck by the sheer size and numbers of the artefacts. It is an eerie sight - not unlike gazing at a tomb filled with ghosts. Each warrior is as unique as a room full of breathing, living souls. I snapped away and this self proclaimed eighth wonder of the world captured my imagination and provided a much needed distraction from the dismal.

China is full of ancient, intrigue and rich culture. If I could breathe, I would sing its praises.But this trip has not been lost on me -- it is a privilege to travel to far away places and experience cultures first hand. And for that, I am truly grateful.

The work continues to excavate more treasures

Waiting for repair

A fierce ancient warrior 


  1. very cool. your photos are all so interesting lyn. i've not been to china. the smog sounds awful. karma perhaps?

  2. Gorgeous! As soon as I saw you'd posted these photos on facebook I started checking to see if the blog post was up yet so I could read the story behind all those statues. ;) Can you imagine being the farmers who stumbled upon this? Wow!


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