Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Surprise! She's a beauty... comfy grip, light, and all shiny brown and black. But the best part is her inner beauty. She focuses in an instant, operates in candlelight, and captures live action in high definition. Hubby sensed my disappointment with my current cameras, both of which are in various states of unreliability, (maybe my teeth gnashing and shrill anguished shrieks tipped him off), and remedied that situation with a "new baby".
And  I LOVE it. I've already pranced around the entire house snapping shots of everything that filled the viewfinder - flash, no flash, close up, long shots. Finally some depth of field.

It's an early birthday present and Hubby assures me that he got a great deal. Oh how it warms my heart to have the love of my life acknowledge something that is so important to me. And oh the pictures I will take - in China, and for years to come. Maybe by candlelight.

How lucky am I? The luckiest. Case closed. And for that I am eternally grateful.


  1. Yay for your camera!! My hubby bought me a camera for Christmas, but it was defected so we sent it back to be exchanged. They said they had no more and so my husband asked for a refund. Then a representative from that company called him and offered him a different camera instead, $100 more and at no extra cost for us - at this time they had been giving us the run around for about 2 weeks. Well, it's now about to be my birthday and I still don't have my Christmas present. We're in the process of finally getting our refund and things got so bad for my husband in dealing with their customer service that my husband actually filed a complaint about that company on the Better Business Bureau's website. Ahh, what a nightmare! All that to say, I can't wait to get my camera.

  2. That's so exciting!!! I can't wait to see all the pictures you take with your new fantabulous camera!


  3. Sweet Surprise by a Sweet Hubby,
    sent with luv
    MIH ~ 'might be a tad prejudice'

  4. Wow! Awesome! I'm sure you're especially loving this during your travels!


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