Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We've been home for days now - our China adventure behind us, neatly wrapped and stored like our luggage, the memories there to be hauled out whenever the whim moves us.  When I reflect on our experience, it replays in dreamlike foggy celluloid images -- surreal. This time last week I was squeezed onto a crowded plane to Shanghai, eagerly seeking some fresh air. Tonight I am sitting on my couch with my shaggy Schnauzer curled up on my feet watching the Super Tuesday returns. What a different a few days makes!

Unfortunately hubby and I came home with an unpleasant memento from our travels. We woke up the first morning home with nasty colds, nasty enough to knock us flat on our @sses. The contents of my carry on bag clutter the kitchen table - right where I left them the first night home; the clean laundry is still in baskets yet to be put away, and the fridge is in serious need of replenishing. 

Sunday was the worse day. Hubby and I lay side by side in bed, helplessly watching the minutes and hours slip by, getting up only to drag ourselves to the washroom or get a glass of water. My little sister called several times to check in on us, offering to pick up chicken soup, drugs or anything else we needed. I was too tired to entertain the offer. Lucky for me I rebounded quicker than hubby; his cold stayed lodged deep in his chest and is only now starting to show signs of recovery. 

I've had flashbacks of the chorus of coughing that filled the plane as we took off, trapping us for thirteen and a half hours, thirty-seven thousand feet in the air with recycled air to breathe. I think there is a real case for requiring sick and coughing passengers to wear masks, not unlike they do at the hospital. 

All in all, it was a small price to pay for the the opportunity to experience the travels we did. So now I just have to pull my butt off the couch, clear off the kitchen table, put away the laundry and make a shopping list. Tomorrow is going to be a sunny, springlike day and I'm going to be ready!


  1. you are blessed to touch the earth in so many places. sending you love & light. one love.

  2. Lyn..
    A bad way to end a memorable trip but I guess that is the price you pay for being a world traveller and wonderful Blogger. Get well soon and you will only remember the good things in a month or so Love Papa Henry.ianfL torave

  3. Wow, Lyn, why did I think you were LIVING in China for a few years?? I thought your hubby took a job there for an extended period of time. I didn't know it was going to be just for several weeks. (I don't know exactly how long you were gone. Perhaps I'll figure that out as I keep reading and catching up on your stories. :))

    Either way, I'm glad y'all are safe and sound. But feel better soon! I always get sick after a plane trip. Although, not when I take that one plane pill...what's it called? Airborne. Yeah that's it! I never get sick when I take that.


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