Thursday, March 22, 2012

Unseasonal Greetings

We are in the midst of a heat wave! That's right - weeks of continuous warm weather and sunshine that really has no right presenting itself mid March. Not in these parts anyhow. It is as though the climate from Florida has crept up and snuck across the (U.S.) border - far ahead of the rest of the snowbirds!

And yet we are afraid to let our guard down and fully enjoy for fear of that winter will go on one last binge, terrorizing us with (God forbid) a random blizzard or ice storm. It's an unkind tradition, and we don't take it well. But the bulging buds on my lilac tree and the blooming daffodils I spotted in the forest yesterday seem to quell all skepticism and convince me that spring has unpacked and settled in, and that winter dissolved quietly into the night weeks ago with not even a goodbye.

And so I am embracing this gift of glorious spring without restraint. What will be, will be. But in a true act of faith, I have packed up the woollies and all things black and gray (mostly) and replaced the space in my closet with my spring and summer clothes. I am expecting smooth sailing from here on in.

And the only tickler in all of this unbelievably unseasonal weather is that it is not natural for this region - or any region in Canada. And the global warming issue stands silently in the corner.


  1. Glad you are sharing our Florida weather. I've missed your posts for the last week but know you are busy. Happy Spring!! Mama Polar Bear

  2. amen. This year is full of surprises and we should be prepared for one or two more. Polar Bear

  3. It feels much to early for spring time to me, too. But we have very similar blooms popping up outside our apartment, and the weather has been sunny (with a few showers) and warm for the past couple weeks.

  4. Hi Lyn, its normal in my region and we had snow last week!! From the pics you are at the same pace as the w. coast ... :(


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