Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wishes Come True

It's a rare treat these days to have time with my girls, and it was the birthday wish that I had and that was granted. It's all I really wanted - time with the special ladies in my life and they made it happen. Hubby cooked his recipes of love and ate silently while the rest of us noisily discussed and debated the state of the planet, poverty and the dark side of seemingly "charitable" organizations.

The candlelight cast a golden glow on the faces of the people I love. And that is how I feel about them;  each a precious treasure in the cache of wealth that is my life. So it doesn't get better than that; living in, around, and amongst my loved ones.

At fifty-two, I like who I am becoming. And I love my life.

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  1. Oh, Lyn, Happy Belated Birthday!!
    This was such a lovely post, too. I agree with the way the faces surrounding us as we blow out candles are beautiful golden treasures that I know I'm so lucky to have...that was really such a beautiful line the way you worded it.
    You and your daughters are all so beautiful and I can only imagine how great of human beings they are, passionate and extending care to strangers, for having you as a mother.


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