Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Brides' Project

It's started. Planning for my daughter's upcoming wedding just swung into high gear with the shopping spree for her dress. In keeping with her sustainable reuse-reduce-recycle approach, she chose to start her hunt at The Brides' Project, a charitable volunteer run organization. It's so much more than a bridal salon. Brides and companies donate wedding gowns to The Bride's Project to be sold for charity. Not only do the funds raised by the sales of the wedding dresses go directly to cancer charities, but often clients return to donate their dress after their wedding. And I have a feeling that is where Harmony's will eventually return.

It got me thinking about the wedding dress (I know- I should have quite a collection) I have hanging in my closet and I asked the helpful volunteer about perhaps donating it. She smiled slyly and said in the most diplomatic voice she could muster, "we only like to accept dresses that aren't older than five years old". I burst her visions of a puffy-sleeved, neck hugging poof of an eighties dress by explaining it was from a recent wedding. Relief and surprised eyes. I am definitely going to consider it. I love the idea of my lovely dress being repurposed and raising funds for cancer.

We rifled through the tulle, satin, silk and crinolines to find a collection dresses small enough for her petite frame. We were left in our small room - bursting with dresses - to try on her selections. We giggled as we tried to find strategic ways of getting the gowns on -- step in (somewhere in the copious layers of fluff); slide over; inhale; zip, button, tie and more. As I caught her image in the full length mirror, I couldn't help but marvel at how so very quickly the reflection had changed from the little impish golden haired girl who used to spend hours entertaining herself in front of such a mirror, to the woman with the delicate frame and long hair with resonating beauty that belies her strength.

Occasionally a faint knock on the door would signal the delivery of more dresses and a peek at the bride-to-be. It didn't take more than an hour for "the dress" to present itself. It needs a few minor alterations but it was exactly what she was hoping for. (The dress she is modelling in this picture is not actually the one she purchased -- that will have to wait!)

I am officially excited now that I can taste the sweetness  that is brewing. One thing is for sure ... she's going to be a beautiful bride. Spoken like a truly proud mama.


  1. Exciting times ahead! Luv, luv that shot of Harmony - our beautiful bride-to-be!

  2. Congrats to Harmony! And omg what a great idea this dress shop is!! I'd love to pay it a visit when my husband and I have our "Big" wedding one day. I love the idea of the money going to charity and it makes sense to go there since you only wear the dress once! Brilliant!
    I'm glad Harmony found "the one". I am eager to see pictures from her big day!

  3. We are excited to be a tiny part of your daughter's wedding!

    Congratulations to all!


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