Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

Holawa Valley, Molakai [Photo by Lyn]
Shouldn't every day be Earth Day?

Shouldn't we care more about treating our home - Planet Earth - with tender loving care to ensure continuation of the human race?

Shouldn't the conversation about financial costs and the economics of preservation efforts be replaced with the long term costs - to humanity and the planet - of continuing on the destructive path we are on?

For a supposedly "intelligent" species born with free will, why are we willingly, knowingly destroying our one and only home? What other species does that?

Every day should be Earth Day.

We need to care

We must change our destructive, careless ways.
of us.


  1. i love earth day...every day ;)

    how are you, my dear? thinking of you and sending oodles of love your way.

  2. First of all, that's a beautiful picture!
    And as far as the content of this post, absolutely and AMEN. I get marking a day once a year to celebrate a subject, but why should that be the ONLY day we recognize our passions for it? I know I can do more things to help out, too (like recycling!), so it's not like I'm innocent. I think we just take things for's human nature to take things for granted and it's wrong. People need to read words like this every day to be reminded of our precious home. I mean, we all have to share it.


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