Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hope Blooms

Season of possibilities with hope spilling forth in every bud and bloom. Springtime, the most anticipated season, my personal favourite, hostess to Easter and usher to summer.

Our home will soon be filled with the young and elder members of our tribe and the walls will reverberate with chatter, debate, and boisterous laughter. Doris will turn down her hearing aides to deafen the simultaneous cross-table conversations, and we'll be serving up heaps of love with the turkey and ham.

Tomorrow is Good Friday and we will raise our glasses to celebrate our family and remember those who  are missing at the table. I can't help but reflect on those who are alone, ill, or unable to fully enjoy the beauty of springtime, Easter, or Passover. If I could, my table would stretch to infinity and seat every one who needed some love, company or just a laugh. And if they were lucky, they too would come with hearing aides to subdue the din.

Wherever you may be, whatever your faith - and even if you have none - I wish you a wonderful weekend. And Happy Easter and Happy Passover to those of you who will be celebrating. And let's agree to keep hope blooming.

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  1. I love reading what you write. Just reading your blog for these couple months, I know what a golden heart you have.


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