Saturday, April 7, 2012

Scenes from Family Friday

Sunlight flooded the room through the crystal hanging in the window, making colourful prisms dance on the walls. The colours refracting from the crystals remind me of my mother and as I watch them move slowly around the room, even landing on the faces of my loved ones, I smile and think of her spirit dancing lightly among us. Family and love flooded our home for Good Friday dinner. I feel blessed. I feel joyful. And most of all - I am so eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  1. ...feeling the people that we love who have passed on is something so wonderful to me. Everything that I want to say, I can't find the words right now. I guess because I can't ever -not for a second- imagine my life without my mom in it. I don't have the pleasures of living close to her, but when I'm visiting with her for several weeks a year, those are the best moments and we make them count. She's really my best, best friend....Yeah, I think I have to stop with this right now because I was choked up when I read your post and now thoughts are making my throat burn. I'm happy that your Good Friday with family was lovely and well spent. :)


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