Monday, May 21, 2012

Cottage Sojourn

Back to reality after the inaugural long weekend of the summer - and with the glorious golden weather, it couldn't have been more perfect. Hubby and I headed north to sweep the cobwebs off the cottage, chase out the vermin and hook up the indoor plumbing (I like rustic - I'm not a fanatic!). We accomplished all of the above and even squeezed some relaxing in too.

My lofty perch on the deck gave me a perfect vantage point from which to supervise Hubby as he positioned the dock and hooked it up to the ramp. All kidding aside, he actually did need my help and I was happy to lend my Herculean strength to paddle the dock into position, and hold up my end while he slipped the bolts in. With my brains and brawn, and Hubby's Hulkish strength, we made like a team of superheroes to get our floating piece of heaven in place.

Of course we encountered more wildlife than I could capture with my handy cam - some even outside! Saw our old snapping turtle by the roadside, our usual red squirrels, chickadees, nuthatches, a  Black-throated Green Warbler (I had to look this one up) and a bossy hummingbird who decided to guard the feeder for himself - or maybe just hang out to pick up chicks. My favourite though is the haunting call of the loon at the sun lowers in the sky. It marks the end of a perfect day in cottage country, and a reminder to take a moment for silent thanks.

And as you drift into certain slumber from the heady potion of songs of the forest mingled with fresh, earthy night air, it isn't hard for your heart to be filled to overflowing with gratitude, and peace.

To share the love, here are just a few images from this first weekend of our summer season.

Sprouting up

Mixing it up with my summer reads...

Bossy hummingbird

The trillium - Ontario's official flower

Sunrise - best time of the day

Out our kitchen window
Fritz in waiting

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  1. DIH,
    Through your photos and words, I could feel the peace and serenity (amidst the scurry of opening up the 'lake house'). Let the summer unfold and may you enjoy MANY more beautiful getaways up north.


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