Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Feel Good - Like I Know That I Should

There is a gentle breeze, the cloudless sky is the colour of the sea, and when I take a deep breath, there is a hint of optimism in the air. Maybe it was the two days we just spent at the cottage, where the biggest decision I make is my morning coffee should be sipped on the deck or the dock; or the sudden flurry of wedding activities (not mine!) that are ramping up; or maybe I am just have more reasons to be happy than not. Whatever the reason (check off all of the above) – I am wrapped in a brightly hued shade of contentment these days.

It’s good to feel motivated and excited for each day again. After a dismal past few months I am relaunching the product – ME!

There are important things that need tending to – such as the weed-fest that is going on in my gardens and between the patio stones. If only the wandering bunnies would develop a palette for them, or Fritz would lift his leg there instead of on the begonias.

And then there is my frozen shoulder that is slowly thawing, and that – with my continued torture-therapy – will having me “signing” Y-M-C-A to the Village People from a table top at Harmony’s wedding. My healing arm has also reignited my desire for blogging; I’ve missed it (and you) A LOT!

My girls are throwing their sister a wedding shower this weekend all on their own. I’ve been relegated to baking and cup cake making (don’t they know I am infamous for my avalanche cakes??) and providing general counsel on faux pas avoidance and etiquette navigation. I should be fired! It’s going to be a blast with all of the women of the tribes coming together like one big United Nations hen party. We’ll have my Jewish ex-mother-in-law mixing it up with my German mother-in-law (MIH), and face colours ranging from brown-skinned and flaming rosacea red, to a whiter shade of pale; there’ll be families of the exes, nieces I haven’t seen in years, and sexual orientation from gay to straight and straighter! Who said showers are boring? We are having it at my ex-husband's palatial hut and he is serving the appetizers. It's shaping up to be the mother of all famjams and booze fests -- just kidding of course.

Lastly, I am getting back to giving back. It's been adhoc and disorganized so I am getting back to my weekly giving; to donate devoutly, consistently, and whole-heartedly to causes that elevate, embrace and sustain to make the world a little better, and extend a compassionate hand up to humankind.

Stay tuned. I'm back!


  1. Welcome back! Love you spreading that good feeling out and about to us all. xoxoxo

  2. Welcome back, Lyn! I hope that frozen shoulder thaws soon, in time for the big party.. sounds amazing, and hope we get an update on the blog! I've been catching up on everything here there and everywhere - been away for so long once again! really would love to manage one post per month but the time has just not been there!!

    I love that top cottage photo - just so peaceful and beautiful!


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