Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Drive-By Love

I was deep in thought and song when I made the turn onto our street that winds and bends and passes by your house and takes me to mine. As I drove by your house I could see you working busily in your garage – and I think maybe I heard music coming from there as well. It is a familiar sight and for some reason, this time it touched me especially deeply. I was instantly filled to the brim (and a little over) with love for you and gratitude for the life we share; gratitude for having you with us; gratitude for having you just 400 metres down the street; gratitude for the warmth and comfort I get every time I drive by your place and catch a freeze frame of you or the ladies going about your daily lives. At 50+ I love that I have my Dad a stone’s throw away and a step-mom who really knows how to make a girl feel welcome – not to mention the wine that is always on chill. We are a fortunate bunch – and just one more reason why life is good. 

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  1. That must be so nice! I wish I could just drive by my parents' house and stop in every once in a while. Vermont really isn't on my way home from anything though! I can drive by my sister's place but it's not quite the same as my mom's.


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