Monday, August 13, 2012


The clouds parted and the rain dispersed just in time for us to wipe off the chairs so Harmony and her beloved could be married in the lush, green forest - the most sacred cathedral of all. With a dad on each arm, she followed her sisters down the well trodden path to her groom, who waited beneath the chuppah he had made from branches to honour her Jewish heritage.

It was a special day and as understated as it sounds, that is exactly what it was. Our ever-expanding tribe convened beneath the trees to support our young couple in their marriage and celebrate that which is the glory and joy of family. There were reunions, hugs, kisses and introductions. There were blessings, speeches, tears, applause and good wishes. Most importantly, my daughter and her new husband were cocooned the entire day and evening in love.

I'll share a few pictures (but only a few because she hasn't even seen them yet) and my wishes for the newlyweds.
My wishes  for you in your life as a married couple: 
That the love you have for one another will sustain you and grow with each passing year;
You will be the soft place to fall for one another;
That you will have more joy than pain; but when the winds of adversity breeze through, you will seek the lessons, and your bond will be strengthened
Most importantly, my deepest wish  is that you will hold the hand of your beloved, wrinkled and weathered with time and experience; and you will have the privilege of growing old together.
And even though times like this remind us of those whose presence is in spirit only, they also remind us that life is good, and made more purposeful with love.
Privilege helping Harmony into her dress


Flower girls and their adorable sandals
Under the homemade chuppah

Nature's sacred cathedral

Couldn't resist getting my own captures!


  1. oh my goodness lyn, congraulations. your daughter is stunning, so very beautiful. i love what you've written, you always put into words so well, what is in the heart.

    i love harmonys dress and her pretty braid!

  2. Aww, how beautiful. Sounds like a lovely day! Congrats to your daughter and her new husband. What a beautiful setting. The pictures are beautiful. Weddings are such amazing events - full of love, life, memories, tears, and hopes.


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