Sunday, September 9, 2012

Winding Down

Summer has faded quickly and fall is anxious to take the stage. With only a few weeks in the season left, hubby and I are making sure to spend every moment possible at the cottage. We had lots of company this weekend and with the rain and damp driving everyone inside, the cabin was bursting with family. A fire roared in the fireplace; wine uncorked; steak grilled; and loads of chatter completed the picture. I slept fitfully knowing that my loved ones were just next door and the newlyweds were tucked away in the bunkie.

The local fall fair went on as planned despite the fowl weather; you can't keep country folk down. We donned rain gear and trudged onwards -- afterall, the pink goat and 700 pound pig awaited!

Autumn in Canada is a magical, mystical time; the transition to the cooler season presents its own brand of beauty, and is a much loved "opening act" for winter. I thought I would share yet more glimpses of our weekend up north.

In the pink

This ain't no beauty contest!

Why can't we come?

The migration begins -- overhead -- look closely.

A little rain didn't stop the dockside fishing

Morning mist

Autumn colours creeping in

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  1. Oh my gosh! Pink goat! Adorable! Maybe Brinks needs some hair dye... ;)


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