Monday, October 29, 2012

Stormy Weather

It's funny sometimes how events in life converge, and literally put you in the eye of a storm. I am on the east coast of Canada for work, as the news reports warn of Frankenstorm and the monster storm bearing down on the American coast, and warn my home town to make preparations for 72 hours without power.

I called hubby to remind him to look up from his computer and make some preparations ... like buy a case of water, find the flashlights and fill the tub with water. Why? I can't remember but who knows -- we may need an emergency bath! He assured me he filled the camping water jug and that he and Fritz have enough oatmeal for three weeks. I hate oatmeal.

So as I turn in, my bed soft and warm with the wind whipping at the window, my thoughts are with those who are not so lucky -- those who have or will have the wrath of Sandy blowing through their lives; and I think of my family back home and hope that they have flashlights, candles, food and water close at hand. And I hope they feel the love I am sending across the miles on the wings of every raindrop and bluster.

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  1. Home is safe and sound, just missing you. Mother Nature humbles us once again about who's in control -- not technology, not the elections and certainly not the human powers that be. May your flight home be safe and swift - on the gentle arms of these gusty winds that remain. There's no place like home!


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