Sunday, October 14, 2012

Until Next Year...

Well at least it wasn't raining - not while we were working anyhow - as we made our last trek up North to close up our beloved cottage. We traditionally close up the weekend after Thanksgiving and this year, it was a little earlier than usual - which means there was no snow and some leaves remained on the trees.

When we arrived it was late at night, and only 2 degrees Celsius inside the cottage. Hubby started a fire and I gave a quick silent thank you for electricity as I plugged in the 2 space heaters. The plan was to get a jump start on the closing proceedings the next morning. I couldn't wait to see the glorious foliage and it did not disappoint.

It is a sad day for hubby and I as we strip away the comfort and cosy from the cottage - pull the water lines, strip the beds, empty the fridge, prepare the dock for winter, and store away all outside furniture. By the time we lock the door for the final time, the cottage is stark, cold and unwelcoming, fit for hibernation.

I snapped a few shots before we got busy -- slumber well, oh place of peace.

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