Sunday, December 23, 2012

Scenes from a Wintry Wedding

Just when it was looking like we were destined for a green Christmas, and we had resigned ourselves to such a fate -- we were offered a brief but perfect respite. We drove up north to our cousin's rustic wedding being held at a ranch. We braved rain, sleet, snow and icy roads to get there, but it was worth every gasp and hair raising close call. 

We donned our dress-up duds and drove right into a postcard. Oversized snowflakes drifted lazily as we made our way to the log chapel, and we were greeted by a roaring bonfire that begged to be enjoyed. Instrumental Christmas music rung from hidden speakers and the smokey warm smell of wood burning hung in the air. What can I say ... it was simply perfect and romantic. It was just the dose of winter  I needed to get me in the Christmas mood. In between vows and reception we took a ride in a horse-driven carriage that toured around the ranch. I'll let the pictures tell the story. Two sleeps until Christmas!

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  1. Winter isn't a time when most of us think of weddings...but there is that beautiful quiet and coziness about the season, and this looks and sounds like it was so romantic!


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