Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wind Up

I think the anticipation and lead up to Christmas is almost as exciting as the actual day. And I am sure we would all agree that the magic of the season is lodged in memories and traditions. Hubby braved the roof to string our Christmas lights; our tree is up - a little short on white lights - adorned in the same  familiar decorations as in Christmas' past. The macaroni garland is holding up nicely and the painted egg cartons add the homey touch - each treasure with its own story and sentiment.

My guilty pleasure is the hard Christmas candy that takes me back to my childhood. Every year I buy a tin of candy to put out and, since I am the only one who likes it, end up tossing most of it out. Fritz likes it too!

Right now our Christmas finery is reserved for us but thankfully it won't be long before the house hums with the love of our tribe and the real feeling of the holiday will prevail.

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