Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nearly Normal

The ornaments are packed up, the tree is down, and Christmas has been deconstructed and stored. It's a little late this year; I can never find any joy in stripping the tree and therefore it was easy to avoid. I just couldn't get motivated.

Polar Bear (Pops) and his wife are heading back to sunny, warmer temps; normal is creeping back into our lives and it's business as usual.

Today I joined the YWCA so I could get back to working out during my lunch hour. My old gym closed months ago and long walks had to suffice for exercise. But now with the cold and snow of winter, I have't been getting much movement in my day - and lifting my coffee mug to my lips doesn't count.

I have lots to look forward to in the upcoming weeks... a mammogram, bone density test, bloodwork, and colonoscopy consult. Yup -- life in the middle age lane is a thrill a minute. The good news is that all my medical madness is in the name of prevention and maintenance; I am very healthy (just don't ask my bathroom scale), and getting healthier.

Seriously, I live a charmed life ... my furry friend bossy schnauzer just poked me with his paw and reminded me that it is past his my bedtime ...

Christmas may be packed up, but the freshly baked memories remain.

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  1. I still haven't taken my Christmas stuff down - but I will do it soon. It's so depressing packing it all away for another year.

    I joined a Biggest Loser competition at work in hopes of losing a few of my pregnancy pounds. Hopefully it works!

    Have fun at the Y!


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