Saturday, March 2, 2013

Amazing Race

It was after 10:30 at night when I got the call from Kidlet that she was popping in to "grab some stuff". Turned out she her sweetie were in the throes of making an audition tape for the Canadian version of the Amazing Race (tv show), and she needed some props from her room.

The door to her room was closed, partly to keep Fritz out of there, and partly to hide the mess -- I liken it to sealing the crime scene. I tidy it up - and she pops in occasionally to sleep in her bed and return it to high school condition (obviously her comfort zone). Then I close the door to leave it exactly the way it is for the next time she pops around.

As she was rustling around in there she told me that she and Josh are auditioning to be on the show. I made a crack about them must not wanting to have a lasting relationship to which she scorned indignantly, "MOM!!" as Josh smiled and quietly nodded in agreement with me. Yikes! Is the world ready for Kidlet on the rampage -- cause I know she would be? Poor Josh. Poor anyone who got in her way. Or maybe her empathetic, caring self would kick in and she would carry her competition to the finish line. Mmmmm a mom can dream can't she? 

The video says it all -- she's a winner! And when I think about it, a cross Canada race with the one you love could teach you alot about yourself, and about your "us". She's fiercely competitive and hardest on herself. It would make for good television ... but maybe not good viewing by future employers.

So if you have three minutes to spare and you want to help Kidlet on her quest, give the video a view. I'm sure she would appreciate all of the "shares", "likes" and comments she could get.

As for me, I feel like I have returned to my seat at the arena, watching her play in a championship game, loving the view regardless of the outcome, awestruck by her determination to achieve her goals, and shouting out above the din, " have fun out there Darcy!".  You too Josh.

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  1. Wow!! Good for them.. you're right though.. this is a perfect way for them to see how they work as a team.. but also great lessons on how they can trust and rely on each other. What a great opportunity. Good luck Darcy and Josh!!


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