Sunday, March 31, 2013

Springtime Stroll

Spring was lurking just outside the window waiting to be discovered and greet it head on, we did! I snatched my camera and hubby and I jumped into the car and headed towards the lake shore. We took an old fashioned Sunday drive -- on Saturday. The sky was the perfect hue of blue and the sunshine demanded cool shades. We drove along, following the lake, content to drink in the sights of people eagerly unpacking springtime, content to follow our whimsy.

It wasn't long before we found ourselves walking the Toronto waterfront. We watched enthusiastic boaters free their vessels from their shrink wrap;  the ducks and swans flit and flirt; and an endless parade of dogs, runners, and bikers stream by. It was evident - there was an epidemic of spring fever raging through the city.

After a long winter of house arrest, we are more than ready shed the shackles of isolation, cold and dreary for sunshine and warmth. And so we strolled along hand in hand, breathing in the fresh and renewed, and snapping pictures as we went. It was a good day, a reminder of promise and new beginnings. And here are a few of the pictures I captured as we walked.

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