Sunday, April 7, 2013

Got the Fever

Deep breaths. You can smell springtime... or is that optimism? This is an ugly time of year with the gray monotone landscape, naked trees and dirty remnants left from the snow. It's the dreary that will soon transform into lush, colour and fresh.  I drove into the city to see Harmony yesterday. Signs of spring were everywhere and the transition - just beginning.

Fresh laundry waving from the line; bikes freed from winter storage lined up and ready; and the parks vibrant with frisky dogs, sports teams and scampering kids. A few hours in the sunshine and  thrive of the city and I've got the fever. Bear with me... it is a seasonal affliction that will recede when the fragrance of lilacs and apple blossoms hang heavy in the air. Here a few captures from my weekend of visiting (note the humongous pancakes that our dear Doris wolfed down for breakfast - and then charmed the restaurant owners to the point where they don't charge her for her food!).

Doris and her Saturday breakfast at the diner

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