Sunday, May 26, 2013

End of Week End

Thank you sun for showing up, coming out, and shining so brilliantly. I needed you! Your presence made every chore a pleasure. Okay, maybe I am getting a little carried away - but everything is better when the sun is shining.

With cottage season almost upon us, our time to get things done around the house and yard is sparse so we made good use of this weekend to catch up and get things in a respectable state so we can enjoy our weekends up North. Hubby ripped the weathered old top off the pool and worked all day to transform the pool of algae into an alluring oasis for more than the mosquitoes. I declared war on the overgrown shrubs and bushes with a pair of rusty cutters I discovered in the garage. I flew into action snipping, cutting, and ripping out the excess, piling it high on the lawn behind me. I couldn't wait to show hubby my enthusiastic effort to assist in restoring our yard to our former glory. So when he emerged from house after eating his lunch to tell me that he needed the pile out of the way so he could mow the lawn - my pride quickly shifted to panic. He told me not to rush - that he was starting with the front.

I soon realized that I had gotten more than a little carried away and I considered crawling under the four foot high pile I'd created. But the old competitive "I can do it" attitude kicked in and I made like a whirling dervish cutting the branches down to size and stuffing them into the yard waste bags, finishing just as hubby rounded the corner. He smiled widely and said "wow, you did it!"

We took a break and relaxed under the breezy canopy, and surveyed our work. We agreed that we are lucky to have the beautiful home we have and although it requires lots of work, it really is a labour of love. Lucky us. Poor muscles and bones. But thankfully - I have Aleve! And so goes another end to our week end. It's been a good one; a sunny one - and everything is better in the sunshine.

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  1. My bubble is burst! Per my hubby, 'woman are known for making nice and tidy yardwork piles for the men to retrieve'. You mean I'm supposed to be doing that part of it too? Shhhhh.. don't tell my hubby, so far it's working out the way I like it .... I do agree tho, it's wonderful to sit back at the end of it all and enjoy the fruits of your labour ..


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