Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random Rattling

Sometimes there is so much to say - that I say nothing at all. Disjointed emotions,  revelations, epiphanies roll around my head like bumper cars - independently, unattached to words; content to remain unlabeled.

The long weekend opener of the season has come and gone, leaving a promise of sunnier and warmer days to come. The lilacs are spectacular, tapping on the window pane,  their scent - heavy in the air. I captured some and imprisoned them in a clay jug, but judging by the droopy sprigs, they seem to be rebelling. Spent holiday Monday removing last summer's plant corpses from the garden to give the new greenery a chance to thrive. My aging rose bushes lashed out at me as I tried to retire the brown and broken stems - and I have the scratches to prove it! The dandelions went more peacefully but the nasty thorny weeds showed me who's boss!

We've been immersed in precious new life and conversely, the struggles of an aging life. The newscast is riddled with stories of political corruption and man-made and natural disasters. Like a pendulum I swing from disgust and disappointment to shock and heartache at the destruction and losses; Boston, Bangladesh, Iraq, Hamilton, Texas, and Oklahoma. And just when you start to feel the "negative creep" ... stories of human triumph trump all and reminds me of the best part of humankind. Sometimes optimism gets buried under the noise, but like the resilience of humankind, it is omnipresent and just when we need it most, it rises to restore.

Sometimes there is so much to say - that you just start typing and magically the words attach themselves to  emotions and revelations that are rolling around your head - and you are surprised!

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