Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Kidlet had her wisdom teeth extracted today. I'd love to post the video she made of her bloodied stoned self but I like to keep things clean here! I have a terrible laughter reflex that kicks in when I am nervous, or when I am faced with a serious situation -- church, funerals, sick people... It is highly inappropriate and embarrassing. So of course the sight of Kidlet slumped in the recovery room chair, gobs of cotton gauze oozing from her mouth, dark circles under her eyes giving me a weak smile and thumbs up - set me off. It took every ounce of self restrain to get the post surgery instructions from the nurse and get out of there without losing it entirely. And when the tiny little nurse wheeled out my precious little five foot ten treasure to my car I couldn't help myself. Through all of her animated grunts and other frightening noises and hand gestures I laughed. Bad mother!!

In my enthusiasm to get Kidlet to her surgery on time, I broke the law! I got my first speeding ticket -- EVER. The road that I had always known to be an 80 km zone apparently had been rezoned to 60km. Add a few more kms to that and I was way over the limit. I had been accelerating when I spotted the black Charger and immediately threw on my brakes. My guilty conscience kicked in and had me pulling over before the cop even threw his lights on. The shock and awe on my face when the cop told me how fast I had been travelling did the trick. That- coupled with my blabbering apology -appealed to the tender heart of the officer and he let me off with a stern warning and small fine.

So today Kidlet lost her wisdom and I became a lawbreaker. There's a first for everything.

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