Monday, June 10, 2013

Highlights from a Monumental Day

Today was monumental in more than the usual ways...

Canada celebrated its tenth anniversary of legalized same sex marriage, something that represents so much more to me. Legitimizing gay marriage not only promotes family, it acknowledges the diverse nature of relationships and symbolizes social acceptance - entrenching a fundamental human right for all. And personally, it makes me happy that all my children will have the same rights and opportunities to marry who they wish and create families that are legal and fully recognized by society.

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I had just turned on my radio when I heard the news that our singing astronaut Cmdr Chris Hadfield announced his resignation from the Canadian Space Agency and was planning to move from Houston to plant himself back on Canadian soil. He has inspired me and while he held court high above Earth, he was the first Tweeter I checked in the morning to see what quip or picture he posted - and the last I checked before bed -- to catch his finale post. Thank you Chris Hadfield for your service, for sharing your experience and dream and for reminding us that we are citizens of the world. It is the end of a stupendous run... an another reason why I am so proud to be Canadian. *wildly wave flag*
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And lastly, I finally filed my 2012 income tax return. Okay, I was a little late but a small refund is in order and all is good in my world. 

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