Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Dad - My Forever Friend

We've been together for fifty-three years now - my entire life. You are one of the few people alive who saw my bruised and battered body - battle wounds from childbirth - too hideous for the hospital newborn photo. You were my first school principal; me holding your finger for the short walk to the station school as you explained that I should call you Mr B and not daddy if I saw you in class. Of course that didn't stop me from enthusiastically blurting out "Good morning Mr. B - daddy" when the teacher motioned us to rise and greet our principal.

You took me snow skiing and in the summer you would rest me on your shoulders as you water skied around the lake. You taught me how to drive a snow machine and how to free it when it got stuck in the snow.

NOTE: I erroneously deleted this Father's Day post and will replace the lost text in the next day or so. Sorry Dad! 


  1. Ha ha like that "Good morning Mr. B - daddy" Imagine the teacher's surprise :-)
    ... and good that you have taken off that word verification. I have too.

  2. Hi Lyn (waving at you)

    Oh how I've missed you too. sending love.


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