Monday, July 1, 2013

Proud to Be Canadian, eh?

Couldn't let Canada Day pass without mention. We Canadians are a humble bunch; we lean on the reserved side of things and are taught at an early age to be polite, gracious, and to not draw attention to ourselves. And those are the general, collective attributes of our nation.

But on July 1st. we are like kids running wild in a Toys R Us. We leave "reserved" packed and let our red and white fly. We wrap ourselves in our flag and let our deep seated national pride loose. Even at the lake almost every dock raised a flag.

Canada Day conjures up deep feelings of gratitude in me. I realize that being born in one of the greatest, safest and most liberated and caring countries was pure luck - a lottery win. Lucky, fortunate, grateful me.

I love this grand land we call Canada. I have stood on the shorelines and inhaled the salty air from the oceans on all three coasts - west, east and north. I have travelled across the country and been awestruck by the diversity and vastness of our land; majestic mountains, golden  prairie flat lands, infinite treeless tundra, lush green forests and crystal blue lakes, quaint small towns, and spicy cities. And the population is as diverse as the geography.

So today I remember those who are not as lucky as I, and who cannot lay their head on a soft pillow and sleep soundly knowing that they are safe, sufficed and free. Oh Canada - how I love thee, from sea, to sea, to shining sea.

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