Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kick Start

Sometimes it's the little things that make my day... like the wrapper on my cereal bag that says "created with love, from our kitchen to yours!" I can't help but smile when I read that... before viciously tearing into the bag of nutty goodness. 

And then there is my infamous "banana-grams". When I was a manager in another lifetime, I would write happy messages on bananas and leave them randomly on the desks of my staff. Some thought it was dumb; others smiled. However, regardless of the reaction, it planted a seed of good and happy to start the day. Sometimes we have to look for the love; for the tender, encouraging messages from the universe. We have to pay attention to see the signs that are sent our way. 

So today I gave myself a reminder to make my day a great one; to create some happy.It is after all, a choice!

A fierce growl just came from my stomach so I may be devouring "happy" shortly!


  1. I love the idea of Banana-grams. *smiles*

  2. Now that telegrams are out, this could be the new way :-)

  3. What a novel way to greet the day and your friend. It's even better than saying it with flowers.

    Thanks much...hildag33.@blogspot.com


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