Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The cover is on the pool, held in place with random bricks and planters; a little pool of water has collected on the blacktop cover; the gazebo is stripped of its canvas cover and the patio is devoid of furniture. All traces of summer fun have been packed away.  In a nutshell, our backyard is in hibernation, laying in wait for winter.

At first glance, it looks dismal, and maybe even a little depressing. But the weather is beautiful, the leaves on the trees are turning their shades of gold and crimson, and in a week or two, we will be surrounded by brilliance. And in another few months, the dreary will be draped in a cloak of white snow. We need the contrasts to fully appreciate the beauty.

Life is like that too. We need contrasts. We need chaos in order to appreciate order. With stress, we feel the peace and serenity that comes with the absence of such pressure. If  we've done without, we more readily recognize abundance. We experience discomfort - and then relish comfort. So maybe the lesson is not to shy away from the unpleasant side of things. The pendulum always comes swinging back and when it does, we can fully appreciate the good and gifts in our life.


  1. I LOVE the seasons. When I was in Honduras there was only dry and rainy - green and brown. But always hot. And I missed the changing of the seasons and the long days vs. short days and all the goodness that comes with winter and summer and spring and fall. It really is a blessing to experience all the changes and enjoy each season for what it offers.

  2. Lynn, I felt I was virtually with you when you closed up your summer home and made it ready for winter. Living in Florida I gave up the privilege of seeing the leaves turn into their brilliant colors before falling to earth. On my dresser, I have one lone golden leaf that I confiscated from my son's yard...and I can touch it.
    Tonight I spent the whole evening reading over many of your sensational blogs and I enjoyed myself. Now I have a sense of who you are! Thank you


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