Monday, January 6, 2014


Polepole (pronounced poll-ee-poll-ee) is swahili for "slowly" and that is exactly what my approach to my Christmas cleanup has been. I made a little headway today -- stripped the mantels, banister and windows of garlands and stockings and rounded up the ornaments on the dining room table. I stumbled across my Christmas stocking, tucked away in the corner, still stuffed with chocolate bars and Nibs. This of course put a halt to the clean up efforts as I stuffed a few bars of KitKat and handfuls of Nibs into my mouth. Darn that stocking (or at least the chocolate in it) - it totally negated the sugar snap peas and fresh peppers I ate for lunch!

So there you have it. Progress is unsteady - but there has been progress. But what's the big rush anyhow? Next year I'm throwing an un-decorating party complete with Chinese take out as the carrot. For now... we have a stocking to empty!

Couldn't resist one more lighting... before the stripping

Piled high in the pre-packing zone - AKA dining room table

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