Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Straight Lines

Look up directions on Google maps and you are served up a suggested route as well as other options; different ways to get to the same place. Some - more timely and direct, others involve a toll, while others may include a scenic route.

Not so different when we are living our life, making plans. From my vantage of mother and aunt I have an aerial view of the paths being forged by my daughters and nieces and nephews. I witness their anxiety and excitement  and toil and trepidation as they struggle with choices and decisions.

So much potential and infinite possibilities. So many routes to the same destination. Some more direct than others and some fraught with detours and roadblocks.

I have learned that life is not necessarily a straight line, and in fact, it can be far more interesting when it isn't. And if we choose a scenic route, the secret is enjoying the texture and colour along the way. And if we encounter dead ends and roadblocks, recognise them as gentle nudges to try a different direction. Switch it up.

I was taught, and I tried to pass it along to my girls, that there is no one right path -- just different paths, with different outcomes.  And that the important part is to choose one,  commit to it, and make it be the right path.

We all end up somewhere eventually. Somewhere good, if we have clear intentions.

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  1. I found this blog completely interesting. You write like you took the 'scenic route', although I realize you probably had ups and downs, but weathered it gracefully.


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